WINTECH was founded in Malaysia to address the service and maintenance requirements and challenges of most semiconductor manufacturing businesses face today. We are established with the vision to becoming a leading precision parts and tooling manufacturer, and providing best SMT machine maintenance services and solutions supplier. We listen, study carefully your specific requirements, design and develop in innovative ways to ensure your receive quality work at a competitive cost.

We specialize in servicing, providing modification, and spare parts to all major brands of Surface Mould Technology (SMT) and Auto Insertion (AI) machines, as well as supplying  factory automation solutions, fabricated tools and parts. We also trade and sell wide range of imported and local made SMT machines and its common parts such as servo motor, clutch & brake, various sensors, solenoid, feeder unit, squeegee and cylinder, and others.

We are committed to deliver quality services and solutions towards customers satisfaction and requirements as the fundamental to our future growth.