Our Services

Wintech Service & Marketing Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of services including maintenance and servicing as well as modifications to various brand of surface-mount technology (SMT) and auto-insertion machines, factory automation solutions to customers who demand for a cost-effective and quality solutions.

No matter what size of business you are, WINTECH can provide the right solution for you. The combination of competitive fees, high quality service and technical know-how makes WINTECH a preferred SMT / AI solution provider to our customers. We have experienced and skilled professionals to help you identify and define your business needs and to provide satisfactory solutions based on your requirements.

We Supply SMT / AI Spare parts

WINTECH supplies most major brands surface mount technology (SMT) assembly parts and a wide range of SMT spare or replacement parts for brands such as Universal, Fuji, Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, SIEMENS, and Yamaha. We also supply quality custom SMT accessories that meet your production operation needs.

SMT / AI Equipment Maintenance, setup and commissioning

Our experienced and skilled technician team provide quality ad-hoc or scheduled maintenance services for SMT / AI machines to ensure the performance of the machines. We also provide service in setting up machines and commissioning the assembly lines.

Precision Tools and Fabrication

WINTECH provides custom fabrication parts and precision tooling tailored to our customer’s requirements. We serve a wide range of industries and extend services together with our customers to provide the best possible solution for their requirements. 

Other Services

From time to time, we listen to our customer for their requirements, we provide our best services that meet the expectation and quality of our customer. We assist them in expanding their capacity or process through our contract manufacturing services. We have our own SMT production lines ready accepting new contract jobs.