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Aqueous industrial conveyorized/monorail parts washer. Designed for your difficult cleaning applications. Recirculatory wet stages and blowoff heat are available in electric, gas, or steam. Available in a wide variety of belt widths, or monorail construction.  Energy efficient solution tanks and blowoff system. High impact spray tube design for maximum GPM of wash solution.


  • The Stoelting OmniForce featuring all 304 stainless steel construction for low maintenance and long life. Sleek design for aesthetic appearance.
  • Stainless steel belt ranging in widths from 12″ to 108″ to handle a wide variety of cleaning applications.
  • Tapered inside roof provides improved water runoff and steam ventilation system with separate vent fans for accurate mist control.
  • 3′ dragout/chemical isolation zone includes a total of 4 isolation curtains designed into each module to minimize cross contamination of wet stages.
  • Heated blowoff chamber with high velocity, high volume, adjustable air knives for faster, more complete drying. Removable doors for easy access to internal chamber.
  • Energy efficient solution tank. Recirculated water flow is directed uniformly across heater elements to eliminate hot/cold spot conditions for efficient energy use. Tank baffles create a “quiet zone” for application of oil separators (skimmers, coalescors, ultra filtration and centrifuge systems).
  • Energy efficient blowoff system.  Stoelting engineered air plenum/knife system delivers a uniform flow of heated air (electric, gas or steam). Adjustable air knives for optimum drying.
  • Hinged, removable canopy doors for easy access to wet zone.