OmniJet/CBW 218®

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Stainless steel constructed in-line cleaning system for the electronics assembly industry.  Aqueous cleaning system featuring sustained high solution and dryer heat capability, high volume “EDM” spray bar for great GPM concentration per square inch, and convection type dryer with adjustable blow-off knives that product high velocity water strip action.


  • All stainless steel construction for longer service life, lower maintenance, chemical compatibility and high heat capability (up to 160°F – solution, 250°F – air).
  • Ergonomic monitor operator interface.
  • 18” wide stainless steel conveyor with up to 5” product height to handle a wide variety of products.
  • Special wash tank flush out system for easy maintenance.
  • Spray nozzles create an energy vector for more thorough cleaning.
  • Large removable tempered glass doors provide access to wet stages and dryer. Electrical door safety interlocks are standard. Each wet stage also includes an inner removable, abrasion resistant, polycarbonate window for better insulation and chemical isolation.
  • “Dragout” chemical isolation zone prevents solution carryover from wash to rinse.
  • Convection type dryer with adjustable air knives produces heated, high velocity water strip action. Side knives available to dry product with side connectors.